How to make Beef Spaghetti

This magical recipe you can make in 20 mints only, full of energy and surprisingly easy to make. It is rich and hearty for you your family and children also. This is really very delicious one the best from Indian Recipes it will give a new taste and will make your meal time more delicious.

Beef spaghetti

Ingredients used

For making this recipe you have to need ingredients like beef, cloves garlic, sliced, onion, pasta sauce, parmesan cheese. These all thing contain a big quantity of healthy nutrient. Beef is very important in daily diet and almost we all like meat much in food.

Health benefits

There are lot of benefits of meat like meat contains a large amount of protein, protein is very important for overall health and well being of body. Protein also makes muscles strong and repair and building of body tissues production of antibodies that protect us from different diseases.

Beef spaghetti

It’s also rich in iron, zinc and selenium. Such as vitamins are also very important for our health and a big part of our diet, and Vitamin A, B and C are commonly available in meat as well. These all ingredients are full of health and energy.
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Easy and quick making Hyderabadi Dum Biryani


Biryani is much famous dish that there is no need of any introduction as it is a main part of menu on different events and at home it prepare after oneday. Children, younger and older all like biryani in lunch or dinner. Even in every restaurant and even dhabba hotels it’s a main menu. People over all the world like biryani in any stuff because it is a great combination of meat and rice. It is a complete and balance diet dish. So must try biryani in new and different taste.

Ingredients for making Biryani

Ingredients used in this recipe are as usuall as you used in other Indian Recipes. Basic ingredients are meat and rice. You may beef, mutton and chicken but for making Hyderabadi Dum Biryani you may add goat or lamb meat, yogurt, coriander leaves and for detailed you may visit if you have any idea about different ingredients as you like for taste then you may add. However always use ingredients in a proper way otherwise more use of ingredients can make your dish tasteless, give a great care to ingredients.

hyderabadi Biryani

Health benefits of this dish

Meat and rice are most used ingredients as both are very important for healthy diet and used almost every day or after one day. It is very healthy diet and balance diet because it is big mixture of ingredients. It is very beneficial for health like

Great source of energy

Rice are rich in carbohydrates, it works as fuel for the whole body and very important for normal brain functioning. Rice contains minerals, vitamins and various organic component that are very essential for increasing energy levels.

hyderabadi biryani

Big Source of protein

Easy and quick making Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is a big source of protein that can be found in animal’s product. It is very important for bone health and for strong muscles. All ingredients that used in this dish are healthy as we call it a balance diet. This dish is rich in Vitamin B12 that is important for blood health.
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Deliciou Giant vegetable rosti

You want your day passed very fresh and active so this is very delicious and great breakfast for whole day, full with lovely contrast of textures and flavors; you will defiantly go mad and want to eat it again and again.

Ingredients used

For making this recipe you may add ingredients potatoes, carrots, Dijon mustard, lemon, olive oil, frozen peas, baby spinach, eggs, feta cheese and you mad add more as you want for taste. If you don’t have any idea about detailed ingredients you may get information by using food network. You may get other popular Indian Recipes, Canadian Recipes and recipes by country.

Health Benefits

These all ingredients are very useful in healthy diet. When you will take a breakfast filled with all nutrients your day will must be very healthy and active. As this recipe contains many best health benefits that are enough to keep you active during whole of the day activities.
Carrots are rich in many health benefits including cancer prevention, beautiful skin, and anti-aging. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is transferd into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is convert in the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple pigment is very important for night vision. As it can used very easily in different simple recipes.

Carrots are helpful in prevent cancer like ling cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. It is also helpful in slow down aging, promote healthier skin, helps prevent infection, protect from heart diseases and many other benefits are in carrots.
Eggs are very useful in our daily healthy diet, we almost take egg daily, eggs are rich in vitamin A that is very important for skin, immune system, it contains Vitamin B2 that is useful for red blood cells, vision and for nervous system. Protein is very important for muscles, skin tissues and producing antibodies, and for hormones.
This dish is full with health benefits and you may get all these benefits by cooking it.

Today’s Famous and very special Blueberry pancakes

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A easy quick to cook, light, fluffy and fruity, these pancakes are very famous and these packages are a US classic, Much easy and simplest to make with kids. Must try with your kids and make a new flavor for family. This is also a way to keep exited your child. Msut try and enjoy this very desirable and way of excitement Blueberry pancakes.

Ingredients for making it

Ingredients are very essential for making any type of recipes or for daily cooking. For making this dish there is not a large list of ingredients as it is simple recipe. You may add baking powder, white sugar, egg, milk flour, butter more you may add as you like for good taste. But always add ingredients as related to dish otherwise it can make your dish tasteless. If you don’t have any idea about more ingredients and going to try it first time then get detailed information by using best food network about all recipes, Indian Recipes.

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Beneficial for health

Every food is very essential for healthy living and as everyone wants to eat a healthy, fresh and tasty food. It can be possible when you will cook food at home by using fresh ingredients. It is healthy as all ingredients use in this recipe are contain many healthy nutrients as this dish maintains the skin, normal vision and immune system due to Vitamin A. very important for energy metabolism, nervous system and red blood cells as it contains Vitamin B2. It is better for mental functioning due to Vitamin B12. It is very best during pregnancy while aids blood formation and tissue growth.
There are many more other benefits of this cake. You may get benefits along with taste.

Delicious thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

Tasty and delicious layered casserole with stuffing, turkeys, veggies, tomatoes and cheese is perfect way that makes it more delicious that you wish to eat daily. Easy making and very delicious it will make your meal time desirable and will increase your appetite. You try just one time easy one dish casserole that everyone will love.

Ingredients for cooking it

This dish is consists on different ingredients like butter, meat, cheese, potatoes and more ingredients you may add as you want for taste. for getting further idea you may visit best food network, that offer you lot of recipes, Indian recipes and more step by step directions and related video.

How is best for health

Every food is very beneficial for health but some foods are healthy and much delicious and this dish is one of them which is very important for health. This dish is a big source of protein and other healthy nutrients. If you are using skinless turkey then it Is very low in fat while white meat is lower in kilojoules and very lower in fat then dark meat.

thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

thanksgiving Leftover Casserole is big source of iron, potassium, zinc and phosphorus and it is great source of Vitamin B6 and niacin which are very important for body’s energy. It is rich in amino acid tryptophan that plays important role strengthening the immune system.
This dish is a plenty of nutrients and very important for good health, so must try it at home and get the plenty of taste and health

Mouthwatering Bacon and Parmesan Penne Pasta

Very easy and quick recipe with great flavor, if you will try it only one time then you will want to make it part of regular meal routine. It is big choice for bacon lovers, and those who like pasta much and want to enjoy it in different flavor and taste. Cheap, easy and yummy recipe you will want eat again and again.

Bacon and Permesan Penne Pasta


Every recipe has its own different ingredients, for making you may add coarsely chopped, onion chopped, penne pasta, cheese and more can add on your choice. If you don’t have any idea bout ingredients then you may visit food network, from this network you may get all simple and Indian recipes step by step directions and with video.

Benefits of this recipe

Every meal is very important for living as we cannot live more without eating, so everyone wants to get fresh and healthy diet. As pasta recipes also having many health benefits as

Fiber and Carbohydrates

Pasta is big source of important carbohydrates and fiber that are very essential to fight against different chronic diseases, like obesity and type 2 diabetes and very helpful in digestive health.

Bacon and Permesan Penne Pasta

Manganese and Selenium

Pasta is rich in selenium a mineral that is very helpful in activates antioxidant enzymes tasks and protects cells from molecular damage.

Folate and Carotenoids

Mouthwatering Bacon and Parmesan Penne Pasta is a big source of folate or vitamin B-9 and source of the carotenoids, folate is very helpful in red blood cell development and support rapid cell growth, while lutein and zeaxanthin are very supportive in healthy vision.
Pasta is very healthy recipe it may use as healthy recipes rich in veggies, lean protein and healthy fats. And addition of more ingredients makes it healthier and delicious so must try and make it a regular dish of meal.

Easy making Chocolate Chip strawberry shortcake

Cake is a main part of any party because without it party looks incomplete, irrespective of whether it is celebrating for an adult or for child, even in these days marriage ceremony also looks incomplete without cake because it is also used in ceremony for some local traditions, on any party time especially children await for cake, cakes are In different flavors and shapes. So cake is a very important part of any happy occasion.

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Ingredients for making it

There are a lot of types and flavors of cake, but for making Easy making Chocolate Chip strawberry shortcake you may add ingredients chocolate chip Muffin mix, heavy cream, sliced strawberries, vanilla extract, sugar powder and for more detailed ingredients you may visit this food network. Always choose a fresh cake but if you make it at home then will be fresh and totally according to your choice and fresh diet also better for your health because every meal has its many health benefits. If you will eat old things then it can make cause of many diseases.

Health benefits of Chocolate Chip strawberry shortcake

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Every food contains many health benefits as for living eating is much important so we get health benefits from different ingredients and this cake is also having some ingredients as what goes into cake. It contains carbohyderate, sugar and flour in cake gives much needed energy that a body need. As body need oil and fats as much as its need vitamins. So it has many health benefits.
Must use fresh and homemade cake if you don’t know to get recipe then visit You may get different easy simple recipes as you want. Step by step directions and video.